Junior Deacon

Junior Deacon’s Duties

  • Assist the SD in welcoming the Brethren to Lodge
  • See to the security of the Lodge during meetings
  • Assist the SW as he may direct
  • Serve as a Mentor to the SS

Junior Deacon’s Requirements

  • Earn or possess a Silver Proficiency Card
  • Be proficient in the ritual for JD
  • Learn the ritual of SD
  • Obtain a Florida Masonic Monitor (Blue Book), Florida Masonic Code, Handbook of Floor work Procedures and a Digest of Masonic Law of Florida
  • Attend as many District Schools of Instruction as possible
  • Attend as many Zone Schools of Instruction as possible
  • Attend as many Masonic Education Workshops as possible
  • Attend as many Masonic Leadership Training Workshops as possible
  • Successfully complete Master Mason I test
  • Successfully complete Lodge Officers Correspondence Course, Module I

Junior Deacon’s Information

  • The duties, responsibilities and requirements of the JD are notably different and much more involved
  • You will be called upon to serve the Lodge in other more responsible ways
  • In this position you must examine and determine exactly what the length of your cable-tow is
  • You should become proficient in the ritual of the JD and be able to perform the SD duties
  • You will need to attend schools of instruction in order to gain the necessary knowledge
  • Your path to becoming an Elected Officer is closing in – attend Masonic Education Workshops and become better versed in the Digest
  • Your year as JD should be considered a crossroads, of sorts
  • You will need to start making decisions:

– Can you be an effective leader and accept the responsibility and authority that goes with being a WM?
– Will you have sufficient time in the next four years to devote to being an officer and WM?
– Will your family understand the demands of these responsibilities and support you?

Source of information: G∴L∴ of Florida