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Flag Day – July 2002

Published on July 14, 2002 By david_alonso

Brothers, June 14th was Flag Day. At that time I wrote emails to the Craft wanting all of  us to take a moment to recognize and think about the contributions of those men and particularly those Brothers who have fought for and continue to fight for the America that we love–to think about how much […]

Health & Happiness – May 2002

Published on May 8, 2002 By david_alonso

W:. Bro. Tom Ratner is on track towards a complete recovery. His surgery went extremely well, his spirits are good and he won’t need chemotherapy, radiation or further treatment; and he thanks you for all your thoughts;-cards and prayers. On April 29, 2002 R:. W:. Steven Q. Steele will be installed in the Grand Royal […]

Sickness & Distress – May 2002

Published on May 7, 2002 By david_alonso

R:. W:. Paul M. Richman had a mild heart attack on April 15, 2002, and left the hospital a few days later, but not before your senior officers, W:. Roger Dunetz and Bros. John Holian, Greg Conterio visited him. R:. W:. Paul appeared to be in good shape and was in very good spirits given […]

Protected: Calendar of Events – May 2002

Published on May 7, 2002 By david_alonso

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